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Sinking car 2.jpg

Do It Again

16mm to video



A meditation on anticipation and falling, Do It Again combines three moments of shared looking at Chicago's Marina City; the climactic scene from Buzz Kulik's The Hunter, a re-enactment for an All-State commercial, and a tight-rope walk of Nik Wallenda.

Festivals and Screenings: 

Arizona Underground Film Festival, Tuscon, AZ

Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, IL

EXIS, Seoul, KR 

Film Maudit 2.0, Highways, Santa Monica, CA

Fisura Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Experimental, Mexico City, MX

Fracto Film, ACUD Kunsthaus, Berlin, DE

Glasgow Short Film Festival, Glasgow, UK

ICDOCS, Iowa City, IA

Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago, Hyde Park Arts Center, Chicago, IL

Kinodot Experimental Film Festival, St. Petersburg, RU

Montreal Underground Film Festival, Montreal, QC

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Milwaukee, WI

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