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a fence is a fence but the clouds move freely

16mm and 4K video



a fence is a fence but the clouds move freely is a brief essay on the origin of four small towns in rural Kansas and Oklahoma, told through each town’s respective water tower. Tall tales, public memorials, and roadside signage are presented from a region shadowed with settler-colonialism, imperial pursuits, identity fictions, and the threat of severe weather.

Festivals and Screenings: 

Moviate Underground Film Festival, Harrisburg, PA

Odds & Ends Experimental Film Festival, Charlottesville, VA

Cornwall Film Festival, Falmouth, UK - New Wave Jury Prize, Special Mention

Antimatter [media art], Victoria, BC

Short Circuit, Fabrica, Brighton, UK

Braziers International Film Festival, Braziers Park, UK

Docu Film León, León, Guanajuato, MX

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